Welcome to the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

Yadavan Mahendraraj


As chair for the Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General, it is my pleasure to welcome you to ILMUNC 31! I can’t wait to meet you come January, and I am extremely excited to see how our committee unfolds. Speaking from experience, ILMUNC is a weekend full of excitement and fun, and this ILMUNC will definitely not disappoint.

My name is Tarek Elsayed, and I’m a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in English. My Model UN career stretches back to my freshman year of high school, and since then I’ve had the honor of attending and staffing some of the best conferences around.

In addition to serving as your chair, I am also chairing a committee at UPMUNC, Penn’s conference for college delegates. This ILMUNC will be extra meaningful for me, as it will be my fourth and final ILMUNC. I’m also involved with several other organizations here at Penn, including the Pennsylvania Punchbowl, a humor magazine which I help write and distribute on campus.

The Ad-hoc committee is always one of the best committees ILMUNC has to offer, and I’m excited to see how you choose to deal with this year’s topic. Unfortunately, secrecy is paramount to our committee, and so not even I know what problems we’ll be confronting! But whatever it is, I’m sure you and your fellow delegates will be more than capable of reaching a successful resolution. With the help of our Crisis Director, Akhilesh Goswami, and all of the hard working staff behind the scenes, this promises to be an exceptional experience. If you have any questions between now and January, feel free to contact our USG, Cynthia Ding.

Best regards,

Tarek Elsayed

Chair, Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General
The 31st Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Varun Arte

Dear Delegates,

Welcome, welcome, welcome! My name is Akhilesh Goswami, and I am honored to welcome you to this year’s ILMUNC where I will be crisis directing the Ad-hoc committee, which promises to be a very exciting and dynamic committee, where you can expect to have fast paced crises, interesting and multi-faceted debate, along with a multilayered collaborative aspect in committee with your fellow delegates.

I am currently a rising senior in the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, concentrating in Finance and Management — which makes my involvement in the international affairs area that much more unusual. I hail from the sandy shores of Bahrain, and have had extensive Model UN experience both as a competitor and as a crisis director or chair. By the time ILMUNC comes, I will have competed in about 15 conferences throughout my three years at Penn so far. I am the current head of Penn’s intercollegiate competitive team, also known as Intercol, and am a very involved member of the International Affairs Association at Penn. Outside of MUN I enjoy motorcycling, tennis, and occasionally cricket.

Given the nature of Ad-Hoc, I know that you all will be coming to ILMUNC looking for a thoroughly well executed committee – something that I truly hope I can deliver. That being said I urge all of you to prepare thoroughly for conference reading both the materials prepared as well as outside research. Many of you in this committee represent the best you schools have to offer, and I look forward to seeing what each and every one of you can offer to this dynamic committee.

If you at all have any questions in the interim, please feel free to contact your USG for Crisis, Cynthia Ding.

Akhilesh Goswami

Co-Crisis Director, Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General
The 31st Ivy League Model United Nations Conference

Shira Stearns

Dear Delegates,

On behalf of our entire crisis staff, it is my honor to welcome you to ILMUNC XXXI, and particularly the Ad-Hoc Committee. I am truly excited to serve as your co-crisis director, along with Akhilesh Goswami, and meet you all this coming January.

My name is Shira Stearns, and I’m currently a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Penn studying Architecture. While this is not a typical major for people who partake in Model UN, I have been competing since my freshman year of high school, and was thrilled to be able to continue competing and staffing conferences at Penn. This will be my third time staffing ILMUNC, and I have also twice staffed our college conference, UPMUNC, and once served as a chair for our conference in China.

Beyond Model UN, I am also quite involved with Hillel, Zeta Tau Alpha, the Admissions Dean’s Advisory Board, and Global Architecture Brigades at Penn. When I’m not working in studio or meeting with my various clubs on campus, I can be found baking, exploring the city, or planning my next travel experience.

As you know, Ad-Hoc is a truly unique committee in that the topic will not be revealed to you until a mere couple of weeks before conference. That being said, Tarek, Akhilesh and I have worked hard to ensure that this particular committee will be unlike anything you have experienced before. Crisis Committees are truly unique experiences, and I cannot wait to see all of the innovative compromises and solutions that you come up with as a group. I hope you are as excited for this committee as I am, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your USG, Cynthia Ding.

Shira Stearns

Co-Crisis Director, Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General
The 31st Ivy League Model United Nations Conference

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Topic Summary

The Ad-Hoc Committee is historically the most competitive and innovative committee ILMUNC has to offer. This committee is designed to offer you the ideal crisis experience: a challenging topic, frequent updates, and a layered crisis track that will stretch your diplomatic nous and force you to think on your feet. In keeping with the nature of the committee, the specific topic is not revealed to delegates more than a week prior to the conference. Furthermore, the committee is application-only so as to foster as high a level of debate as possible. While past Ad-Hocs have regularly received high reviews, we'll be looking to push the envelope for this year. Get ready!