ILMUNC Preparation

Here you can find a variety of resources to aid you in your research and your preparation for debate at ILMUNC 30! We’ve included tips on research, useful links, information on procedures, guides on how to write the various documents you will produce over conference, and a pair of videos created to explain parliamentary procedure.

ILMUNC Rules [pdf] – View the rules of the conference to know what is and is not allowed during conference and how debate operates.

Guides – We have a variety of guides to help you understand the various documents created at conference. These guides mostly focus on General Assemblies, ECOSOCs, and Specialized Agencies. A guide on Crisis-oriented directives will be posted in the fall.
Position Papers Guide [pdf]

Working Papers Guide [pdf]

Resolution Guide [pdf]

Research Links – We’ve compiled a list of useful links in conducting your research. We must, however, emphasize that these links are only a starting point. Delegates should use the suggested research information provided in their background guides as well as their own research to supplement committee materials to ensure that they are fully informed come ILMUNC.

Training Videos – Check out a video made by the ILMUNC 2011 Secretariat explaining parliamentary procedure in a mock-session to give you a better idea of how your committee at ILMUNC will operate. Don’t worry – though the video was made a few years ago, all the parli pro is still the same!