Topic Summary

The UNSC features experienced delegates with a strong interest in solving the most contentious and complex topics in international relations. The topics of this committee will be set by the Chair and Crisis Director at a date closer to conference, so that any and all topics discussed will be relevant to the current geopolitical situation.

Harrison Brunelli

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC and the Security Council! My name is Santosh Vallabhaneni and I will be your crisis director for this conference.

I am currently a senior in the Jerome Fisher Program for Management and Technology majoring in Finance and Computer Science. I was born in New Jersey, but currently live in Hyderabad, India. I’m previously served as the head of Penn’s competitive Model UN team last year and am currently serving as the President of the International Affairs Association at Penn (the umbrella organization for Model UN and International Affairs at the University). Outside of Model UN I’m extremely interested in startups and am part of various organizations that fund and work with student startups. I also play piano and love water sports.

For me, the IAA has always been about much more than Model United Nations. It’s where I had some of my best college experiences at conferences such as ILMUNC, and where I made some of my closest friends. I’m extremely excited to be able to share these experiences with all of you.

Now for the stuff you care about! As a crisis director, I love pushing my committee to explore the unimaginable and really push the boundaries of creativity within the bounds of reality. You’ll quickly realize that crisis updates are not going to have a singular focus, but will instead require a multi-faceted and comprehensive response, be it through personal crisis notes or committee directives. I value creative consistency and reward detail oriented delegates

I’m extremely excited for this committee and am certain that it will be one of the most challenging, exciting and innovative committees that you will partake in on the circuit. Welcome to the United Nations Security Council at ILMUNC.


Santosh Vallabhaneni

Crisis Director, United Nations Security Council
The 34th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Ashish Sharma

Dear Delegates,

First of all, welcome to ILMUNC! My name is Noah Levine, and I’ll be your chair for the UNSC. I look forward to bringing you a weekend filled with intrigue, substantive debate, and fun times! The ILMUNC secretariat has been working incredibly hard over the past year to make this year’s conference truly memorable.

A bit of background on myself – I used to be an Under-Secretary General for Crisis Committees for UPMUNC, Penn’s college-level conference, and I’m now a deputy director with Penn’s intercollegiate Model UN team. I am a junior in the College of Arts and Science at Penn studying Political Science and International Relations. I was born in New York City and currently live outside of Albany, New York (for those who are wondering, this is actual upstate New York, not Westchester). I’m also a member of the Men’s Club Volleyball team, where my skill set can best be described as the combination of a setter’s lack of jumping ability and a middle’s lack of general coordination. I competed as a part of my high school’s Model UN team throughout my four years there and loved every second! In my free time… yeah, I don’t have any of that. Back in the days when I did have free time, or when I’m putting off other things that I should be doing, I’m a West Wing fanatic, and I’ll play any sport people are playing.

I can’t wait for ILMUNC to kick off, and we’ll be sure to make this weekend unforgettable. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me (noahl@sas.upenn.edu) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


Noah Levine

Chair, United Nations Security Council
The 34th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference