Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Biowarfare Committee of ILMUNC 36! My name is Sravya Alla, and I am so excited to be your Chair for this conference. The secretariat and staff have been working tirelessly to make this conference the best yet. Raj and I are extremely excited to be heading this committee, and we truly hope that ILMUNC is one of the most rewarding and fun weekends of your year!

But first, a brief introduction: I’m a junior in the Wharton School, concentrating in Finance and Business Analytics and also pursuing Computer Science. I am originally from the Philadelphia suburbs, and I’ve been involved with Model UN since my freshman year of high school! I went to ILMUNC as a delegate my sophomore and senior years of high school and loved it so much that I joined the secretariat my first two years in college. I served as the Under Secretary General of Crisis for ILMUNC last year, so you probably have seen me running around the hotel. Other than Model UN, I am also involved with student government, consulting, and a South Asian Fusion/Bollywood dance team called Penn Masti on campus! I also love technology and startups and am becoming increasingly interested in biotech so be prepared to be challenged, engaged, and surprised.

Technology is continuing to advance, so this committee is set in the future. I am excited to see hear what everyone has to say, and I sincerely hope his committee will be both engaging and informative. The power of biowarfare cannot be underestimated, so the intersection of creativity and realism is imperative.

If you have any questions regarding the committee, procedure, or conference, do not hesitate to contact myself, Raj, or your wonderful USG Vinai. I look forward to meeting you all in January!


Sravya Alla

Chair of Biowarfare
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC XXXVI and welcome to the Biowarfare Committee! My name is Raj Bhuva and I will be serving as your Crisis Director. It is an understatement to say that the healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech industries today are experiencing an unprecedented evolution, with developments like CRISPR gene-editing, advanced medical devices and low-cost diagnosis solutions. Set against this context, this committee will bring together top industry leaders and executives to deal with the threat of a resurgent, plague-like superbug. I have personally been fascinated by how companies and start-ups, instead of governments, are revolutionizing the healthcare space and I cannot wait to see the interesting twists and turns that committee takes over the course of the weekend!

A little about myself – I’m from Mumbai, India and have been involved with Model UN since freshman year of high school. I competed as a delegate as well as helped organize my high school conference – both of these have helped me sustain my passion for international affairs and debate.

At Penn, I am a senior studying chemical engineering with minors in chemistry, engineering entrepreneurship and statistics. I compete on the circuit with the Penn Model UN traveling team, Intercol and have previously served as the Director-General of our high school conference in India – ILMUNC India. Outside of Model UN, I am active with Penn’s chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and a brother of the Phi Gamma Nu professional business fraternity. In my (very little) free time, I enjoy checking out new web-series, watching cute cat videos and drinking chai. I am also super big on mentorship, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or for advice on anything under the sun!

Your Chair, Sravya and I cannot wait to see you’ll at the conference and we look forward to a dynamic, exciting and fun committee and weekend!

Best Regards,

Raj Bhuva

Crisis Director of Biowarfare
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference