Dear Delegates,

My name is Aiden Gonzalez, and I'll be your Chair for Brexit Negotiations. I'm a senior studying political science. Although I'm a transplant from Tennessee, I love the Northeast so much that I plan to stay after university.

I am really excited about this committee, because it's based on my research. I have studied Brexit and its effects in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Britain, and Belgium (Brussels). As part of that, I've met everyone from Brexit Negotiators to Members of Parliament.

I'll make sure that there is a healthy degree of realism in committee, but I'll also make sure it's a fun experience for everyone.

I cannot wait to see you all there. It'll be a blast!


Aiden Gonzalez

Chair of Brexit Negotiations
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC 36 and the Brexit Negotiations committee! My name is Ben May, and I will serve as your Moderator.

A bit about myself, I was born in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia but lived on Long Island for most of my life. As a junior at Penn, I am studying International Relations and Economics as well as six languages. I have been doing Model UN since freshman year of high school. Outside of ILMUNC, I am a member of Penn’s competitive Model UN team (Intercol); a fellow at the Perry World House; a member of student government; a tour guide; and am a hard-core tree hugging activist, organizing an international activism-orientated nonprofit called ThinkOcean and recently being recognized as 30 Under 30 for Environmental Education.

Loving the outdoors, I live to scuba dive, hike, and go camping. Likewise, with family ties to the circus, I grew up learning to juggle, stilt walk, do aerial performances on silks, and more.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out!


Ben May

Moderator of Brexit Negotiations
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference