Dear Delegates,

My name is Elsa Wefes-Potter and I am so excited to be your Chair this year for ILMUNC 36! This will be my third ILMUNC at Penn and I’m sure it will be the best one yet. Model UN is a fantastic opportunity in high school to improve public speaking, learn about the world and make wonderful friends and ILMUNC is the realization of all of these things.

A bit about me, I came to Penn from Denver, CO and am studying Physics and Political Science with a minor in Energy and Sustainability. On campus, I am involved in the Government and Politics Association, Fellowship for Building Intercultural Communities as well as volunteering in West Philly.

The Congress of Vienna set the stage of European politics for the next two hundred years and you all have the opportunity to rewrite history. We can’t wait to see the creative diplomacy you bring to the table.  See you all in January!


Elsa Wefes-Potter

Chair of Congress of Vienna
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Dear Delegates,

My name is Saxon Bryant and I am incredibly excited to welcome you to ILMUNC 36 and to be your Moderator for the Congress of Vienna! I can’t wait to see your innovative solutions and hard work during this fun, action-packed committee.

Regarding me, I am a junior in both the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences. In Wharton, I study Business Economics and Public Policy while in the College I study Political Science. I am from Louisiana, Maryland, or Colorado depending on how you define a home. I have participated in Model UN since high school and have been helping run IAA conferences since I set foot in Philadelphia. At Penn I serve as President of the Public Policy Initiative student group and am also involved with Penn Model Congress. In my free time I also enjoy exploring Philadelphia’s food scene, listening to an excessive amount of podcasts, and finding new and creative ways to avoid doing homework.

I hope to promote a sense of competition as well as cooperation in committee between each delegate. You all have terrific ideas, and my favorite part of ILMUNC is seeing them conflict and then resolve into one outcome. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have, and I look forward to meeting you all in committee!


Saxon Bryant

Moderator of Congress of Vienna
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference