For the first time in ILMUNC history, we will be offering a bilingual committee run in both English and Spanish, this year’s chosen language. With the goal of fostering a greater global outlook and offering students a complete immersion in Latin American geopolitics, we are looking forward to seeing the delegates in this committee practice their language skills and further their understanding of the intersection of Latin American and American cultures.


Dear Delegates,

I am so excited and honored to welcome you to the committee Cumbre para la Recuperación Puertorriqueña at ILMUNC 36! I will be serving as your Chair for this committee and I know we’ll all have a great time!

First, I’d like to give you some more background on myself. I grew up in The Bronx, New York and attended The Browning School in Midtown Manhattan. I was a member of my school’s Model UN team since 9th grade and attended ILMUNC as a delegate three times. I had a great time at each ILMUNC session I attended, and it was one of the reasons I applied to Penn. At Penn, I’m a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in International Relations and Cinema Studies. In my free time I like to listen to music, watch Netflix, and hang with friends. 

If you came to ILMUNC last year, you or particularly your teachers may remember me as the annoying guy that was always sending them emails (or officially ILMUNC’s Director General). This is my first year not being on the ILMUNC Secretariat so I’m really looking forward to just meeting and getting to know you all and not being stressed about managing the conference!

I stated this earlier, but I am very confident that this committee will be a great time for all of us. My favorite part of working at last year’s conference was the chance to meet delegates, so I’m super excited to meet you all and since this is a smaller committee, I’m hoping we can get to know each other better. Please feel free to come up to me or Cristian at any point and introduce yourself. Also feel free to contact me before (or even after) conference with any questions or comments. And you also have your star USG Nikhil who’s going to be super excited to help us out as well! I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Owen Abaatu

Chair of Cumbre para la Recuperación Puertorriqueña
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference


Dear Delegates,

I would like to welcome you all to the Cumbre para la Recuperación Puertorriqueñ at ILMUNC XXXVI. The entire committee staff and the ILMUNC secretariat have been working non-stop over the past months to make this possible, and I am certain that this will be an incredibly experience.

So that you can understand why I am so passionate about this committee, I must tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, where I attended Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola. I joined Colegio San Ignacio’s Model United Nations team in 8th grade, where I had the honor of serving Under-Secretary-General of our high school conference, as vice-president of my high school team during my junior year, and as president during my senior year.

Come January, you will be tackling some of the most complex issues that affect the Island I am proud to call home. I am truly looking forward to seeing how you grasp with the highly consequential questions that affect the lives of millions of Puerto Ricans, ranging from the status of the Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, the current political situation, and of course, the fiscal crisis. You could argue that the issues we now face are all interrelated and deeply rooted in Puerto Rico’s history and politics, so be prepared for a weekend of challenging and informative debate.

Some other things about me. I am a sophomore at the Wharton School studying Finance and Business Analytics with a minor in French. Outside of the classroom, you can likely find me working on planning UPMUNC, ILMUNC’s collegiate sister conference, where I serve as an Under-Secretary-General for crisis committees. I am also a member of Intercol, Penn’s Model UN traveling team. When I’m not doing MUN (which isn’t too often nowadays), I am likely working on the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative Student Group and the Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club. In the free time I have in between, I am probably pretending I know how to play golf, watching political TV shows or movies, and listening to Latin music (read: Bad Bunny, Ozuna, and just about any Puerto Rican artist).

I am looking forward to meeting you all, come January.  If you have any questions before then or would just like to chat, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Wishing you all the best,

Cristian Bernaschina-Guillermety

Moderator of Cumbre para la Recuperación Puertorriqueña
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference