Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ILMUNC 36 and to the 1969 Hague Summit! My name is Fiona Bardhoshi, and I am so happy to be your chair for this upcoming weekend of intelligent debate and debauchery. The Secretariat and Staff have been working incredibly hard to make this year’s ILMUNC the best yet and continue its legacy of being one of the most enjoyable model UN conferences offered to high school students across the world. I’m confident that this will be one of your favorite weekends of the semester.

Before I get into what I am looking forward to in this committee, let me tell you a bit about myself! I am a current senior in the College of Arts & Sciences studying Political Science, concentrating in Comparative Politics, and English. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, so this city is home – let me know if you’re looking for an enchanting little bookstore or the best sushi spot in town.

In high school, I was an avid public speaker and became involved in Student Government, Mock Elections, and World Affairs. Though my high school didn’t offer MUN, I immediately got involved upon starting university, and last year, I served as the Secretary-General of ILMUNC 35 - so I am deeply aware of the effort you’ve all put into being here and the mission of this conference. Chairing MUN committees at Penn has given me some of my fondest memories during college, and I’m incredibly excited to dive into this historical Hague Summit with you all and make our time together as interesting and fun as possible.

This year your Moderator and I concocted interesting twists and turns to guide you through this insane terrain that is the coming together of the European Community. We hope to invoke four days of difficult yet rewarding debate packed with innovative thinking and creativity. We hope you will all read the background guide and take an even further look into the history and importance of this simulation. The quality of this committee will depend not only on your dias, but on your preparedness and enthusiasm for discussion. We can’t wait to see how your ideas play out in committee! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything before the conference please feel free to reach out to either of us or your USG, Maranda! Can’t wait until January - see you then!


Fiona Bardhoshi

Chair of Hague Summit
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference