It is my privilege to welcome you to what will be one of the most accurate, intense, and rewarding committees ILMUNC has to offer. Your chair and I are great friends and have taken many classes together. So it’s safe to say that committee chemistry will be perfect. In a few moments, you will plunged into the India and Britain Joint Crisis committee; however, first let me be like Djon Taylor and “Introduce myself”. 

Though I love rap (yes, this will win you points in committee), I am not the gangster that you probably take me for. Though I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA I was born and raised on a small farm near Darnestown, MD and attended a Jesuit Prep School in Bethesda, MD (shout out to the DMV). I am a current Senior at the University of Pennsylvania enrolled in the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business pursuing degrees in Economics and International Studies with minors in Biological Basis of Behavior and Spanish. Aside from CDing, I am into biomedical and healthcare policy research at Penn and I think that is largely because I am committed to positive change and think that medicine is a phenomenal way to make a difference. Additionally, I compete on the intercollegiate circuit for MUN where I am known for my loud outfits and degenerate demeanor. When I am not causing problems or solving them, I love to lift weights, visit cafés, and explore the world around me (HMU if you want me to share any spots I’ve been to or have any to share). 

As for my passions, all of you already know that anyone doing MUN is passionate about International Relations but I’m sure a little insight into my background wouldn’t hurt anything but our attention spans. I centered my whole high school around IR and studied abroad in Argentina, Europe and throughout Southeast Asia! It was abroad that I fell in love with the diversity and international politics. One thing that always has fascinated me during my time abroad has been finding modern infrastructure in more poor areas. This conundrum gets even more interesting when we explore making a deal.  After coming back from a broad, I taught classes over the summer on the role of the UN in international development while simultaneously introducing the class to fake news, crazy stories from wild places, and rap songs. It is my sincere intention to incorporate my knowledge from these experiences into our work in the JCC simulation.

Now what does that mean? It means that if you have done your research and bring new perspective to committee, you will enjoy the overall quality of committee. The idea of “a deal” is often under appreciated but is a goldmine for those with an interest in business and politics, and you all are going to be the prospectors, so it is best to enter the mine with a headlamp—prepare beforehand and do not be afraid to reach out with questions. Most importantly delegates, you struck gold with this committee and I promise you that we will make this committee as intense and entertaining as possible. For those of you still reading, thanks for sticking through my rigmarole; now it’s time to do your research—you will be the ones deciding the fate of relations between India and Britain and you will decide what the world makes of this crazy time period, and I have total faith that you will all do amazing!

Over the next few months, my CDs and I will be preparing extremely hard for what should be an insane committee. Feel free to reach out to me or your USG, Vishesh Shah, for questions, but otherwise, I hope you all get excited for India and Britain. 


Zachary Sweeney

Joint Crisis Director of Joint Crisis Committee: Indian Independence
The 36th Ivy League Model United Nations Conference