Beyond Committee


The Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel


This year, ILMUNC is proud to announce its continued relationship with the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, the city’s premier conference hotel. As a result of the Marriott’s expansive, well-furnished conference space, the superb level of service that its staff affords to delegates, staffers, and faculty advisors, and its unparalleled centrality in Philadelphia, the Secretariat of ILMUNC XXXV is excited to announce our continued partnership with the the hotel for coming years.

A new, lower price

Through our academic and travel partner WorldStrides, we are proud to advertise a lower package price including hotel rooms at the Marriott for our delegates and faculty advisors, ensuring that ILMUNC continues to make strides to be more affordable for all delegations.

Advanced conference technology

The Marriott Hotel offers not only improved in-person service, but also a conference application that will enable the ILMUNC Secretariat to better coordinate with the hotel staff and more efficiently respond to questions asked by any delegate, staffer, or faculty advisor that might arise over the course of conference.


Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

In addition to the vast amount of effort that goes into preparing for conference every year, one feature that ILMUNC is uniquely fortunate to have is its setting in the vibrant and celebrated metropolis of Philadelphia, the birthplace of America. Rich in history and culture, Philadelphia’s many landmarks are at most a short walk or taxi ride away from the Marriott. Within walking distance of the hotel alone, one can find the Franklin Institute, City Hall, and the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art (complete with Rocky’s famous steps). A bit further downtown, Old City is home to numerous monuments and buildings from the colonial period and also has a thriving art and restaurant scene that has spread throughout the city. Additionally, we are more than happy to coordinate information sessions and tours of our academic institution, the University of Pennsylvania. Home to four incredible undergraduate schools, it is one of the world’s finest universities, but don’t take our word for it – see for yourself! ILMUNC is thrilled to welcome delegates to the City of Brotherly Love every year, and this year will be no different.