Specialized Agencies

The Specialized Agencies are unique committees that combine the intricacy of the General Assemblies with the creativity and innovation of the Crisis Committees. Specialized Agencies will require delegates to be highly familiar with the substantive context of their topic while being prepared for dynamic changes in the situations at hand. These committees encourage an approach to topics from different perspectives, as well as a collaborative and creative take to developing a stable path for the future.


United Nations office of drugs and crime

Topic A: Increased Levels of Crime in Sri Lanka

Topic B: Illegal Trafficking of Flora and Fauna

The Hague summit (1969)

Topic A: Financial Regulations of Agriculture

Topic B: European Parliament’s Budgetary Powers

Congress of Vienna

Topic A: Organization of the Congress

Topic B: Land Redistributions and Reparations

Brexit Negotiations

Topic A: Economic Implications of Leaving the EU

Topic B: Determining the Irish Borders


ARab League

Topic A: The Effects of Arab Spring in Tunisia

Topic B: The Effects of Arab Spring in Egypt


Puerto Rico financial oversight and management board

Topic A: Fiscal Policy Damage Control

Topic B: Infrastructure Inequality Across the Country


NCAA division i

Topic A: Exploitation of College Athletes

Topic B: Bribery and Corruption in Colleges and the NCAA


Stability council of asia and the pacific

Topic A: Asian Income Inequality and Stratification

Topic B: Chinese Capitalist Transformation