“To inspire future leaders, to promote diplomacy within politics

and analyze history to understand the future.”


ILMUNC strives to create an educational atmosphere that will allow all participants to leave with a more comprehensive understanding of international affairs. Our goal is to make sure that whether you are a first-time or veteran delegate, you will have an enjoyable experience and walk away with enhanced knowledge about the global community. To achieve this goal, ILMUNC provides key services and opportunities both inside and outside of committee session. Our remarkably diverse group of staff and delegates gives everyone the unique opportunity to experience other cultures and perspectives. Our keynote speaker opens the conference with an inspirational and educational presentation to set the tone for the weekend. Outside of committee, delegates are free to experience Philadelphia as a historical epicenter full of modern attractions, have fun with their peers at Delegate Fest and Delegate Dance, take advantage of the activities ILMUNC offers like campus tours and ice skating, and explore their extracurricular options as high school students through our Summer Opportunities Fair.



Our Core Values

Elevate the Discussion

At ILMUNC, we seek to provide an unmatched level of substantive debate that will not only prepare delegates for the level of competition at collegiate Model United Nations simulations, but will also help them develop skills that are useful beyond committee. Our committees will challenge even the most experienced delegates, and our conference will provide numerous resources to ensure that newer delegates can develop and improve their substantive skills.

Expanding Access to Model UN

Model UN provides a unique opportunity for learning and personal growth. Through our newly expanded scholarship program, we seek to guarantee that students are able to take advantage of these opportunities regardless of potential financial obstacles.

Real-World Connections

We strive to make our topics both pertinent to the real world and interesting to delegates. Moreover, our collaborations with summer programs, Penn Tours and the Keynote address all give students insight into life after high school, furthering the immersive experience for delegates and allowing them to gain deeper insight into the issues at hand. Furthermore, at ILMUNC, delegates have a chance to network with some of the best students from around the world who will prove to be the future leaders and influencers of the world.

Enjoy the Experience

We try to make every part of conference fun and engaging, from inside the committee sessions with dedicated, focused dais members to panels on academic opportunities ranging from international programs to campus tours, and fun out-of-committee activities such as ice skating and the Delegate Dance.

Pushing the Limits

ILMUNC seeks to move Model United Nations forward by always innovating. This year, we have cemented our status as the most innovative Model UN conference by improving our cutting-edge mobile application and providing delegates with all of their conference needs right at their fingertips. In addition, ILMUNC will be hosting a record-breaking 28 committees, and delegates will have the opportunity to obtain academic credit for their participation at conference.



An Unforgettable Delegate Experience

We offer a variety of programs for delegates seeking to improve their diplomatic skills and learn more:

Bilingual Committee

For the first time in ILMUNC history, we will be offering a bilingual committee run in both English and Spanish, this year’s chosen language. With the goal of fostering a greater global outlook and offering students a complete immersion in Latin American geopolitics, we are looking forward to seeing the delegates in this committee practice their language skills and further their understanding of the intersection of Latin American and American cultures.

Model UN Resources

Our newly renovated website will offer delegations a comprehensive database of resources, including a “Delegate Guide to Success,” which will provide advice on how to succeed at ILMUNC and other competitive collegiate conferences. Expert college delegates and members of the ILMUNC Secretariat have written about essential tips and tricks of the trade to help students of all levels of experience improve their substantive skills.

Novice Committee

ILMUNC is thrilled to be hosting a novice committee this year. Delegates in this committee who are new to MUN will love this interactive experience with staffers who will guide them through parliamentary procedure. The novice committee will be fun, engaging and welcoming to delegates with less experience but the desire to immerse themselves in international affairs.

ILMUNC Workshops

Before committee begins, all students can take advantage of our comprehensive workshop program. ILMUNC offers novice, advanced, and crisis-focused workshops so that all delegates may improve their skills, learning first-hand from the members of the ILMUNC Secretariat and staff.

Position Paper Feedback

All delegates attending ILMUNC are required to write position papers before conference starts in order to ensure that every student receives feedback on their ideas and writing skills. Graded position papers will be given to delegates at the beginning of conference so that they can incorporate their feedback into debate during committee.



Giving Back

ILMUNC’s Franklin Legacy Charity Program has been a long-standing initiative that allows every ILMUNC participant—from chairs, to delegates, to Secretariat members—to give back to the larger community. Through the program, money is collected for a specific charity relevant to the conference theme, which will be announced in the months leading up to conference. In the past, we have raised funds to offset carbon emissions through purchasing credits, supported victims of the earthquake in Haiti, started a fund for tsunami victims, and provided educational services to impoverished women in developing nations. ILMUNC is repeatedly impressed by the collective generosity of its participants, and the proceeds from ILMUNC are used to educate students in West Philadelphia public schools about the importance of international relations to help prepare them for higher education and beyond.