Financial Aid

At ILMUNC, we aim to attract a gamut of students with diverse backgrounds to our conference; however, we also are cognizant of the financial burden attached to attending our conference. Conference fees, compounded with transportation and rooming, can add up and be financially unfeasible for certain delegations. We are firm believers that these economic barriers should not inhibit students’ ability to attend our conference and learn about international affairs. In light of this, ILMUNC is proud to announce that it will continue to offer its scholarship program in 2020, aimed at helping delegates that have difficulty obtaining the necessary funds to attend the conference. If selected, ILMUNC will gladly waive students’ delegate and faculty advisor fees. We have expanded the program this year and will waive fees for up to 60 delegates, though individual schools can only receive waivers for up to 15 delegates.

Please have individual students complete the form below by November 8, 2019 at 11:59 PM.  Recipients will be chosen by the ILMUNC Secretariat by November 15, 2019. Please be certain that your school can and will attend ILMUNC XXXVI before you apply. Nonetheless, a selected school may complete its registration after it is notified.

In order to be eligible for ILMUNC’s financial aid program, the student must fill out all fields below and upload the teacher authorization form with their faculty advisor’s signature certifying that they are in financial need.

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Teacher Authorization Form Upload
Please upload the signed financial aid authorization form from your faculty advisor. The form can either be filled out electronically with an e-signature, or can be printed and scanned to upload. Please name the file "[school name]_[delegate name]"